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Good question my cyber-savvy friend. In its purest form, Junior is essentially a union for young creatives.

I know what you’re thinking: “Whoa, hold the phone egg-head. You’ve got to be kidding, right? Why do young creatives need a union?”

That’s a fair question. And one we’d like to answer. But instead we’ll ask you the questions, and it’ll be like some sort of awesome game. Ready?

Are you:

a) Finding it hard to get a job?;

b) Getting ripped off because you don’t know how much to charge?;

c) Emailing every studio/magazine/agency you know (or at least seen their cool office online) and never hear back?;

d) Not sure if buying a folio from Zetta Florence is cool, lame, confusing or just expensive?;

e) Feeling ‘caged in’ by timesheets?; or

f) Trying to come to terms with early mornings and sober weekdays?

Well, we’re just the minority group you’ve been looking for. And we’re here to help.

That’s why we’re posting interviews with some of the world’s most successful/interesting/weird creatives we can get our grubby yet youthful hands on. It’s all about helping you become better at what you do. Whatever it is that you do. As long as it’s creative. And you’re young.

“But how young is young?” we hear you ask. To put it quite simply, if you’re still learning from people older than you, that’s young enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a job, thinking of looking for a job, have a job, lost your job, are in the wrong job or want a better job; you’re all welcome to come to the party. Metaphorically and literally. The reason Junior exists is to help you realise that there are no barriers to working at the agency/publishers/studio/whatever of your dreams. There are just things you should know. And we plan to find out every last one.

And that’s not even the good part.

Like every good union there will be alcohol involved. But unlike every good union, it’s not a piss-up. Be that good or bad, it’s the way we roll. Still interested?

Great! Who likes drinking?

Monthly, bi-monthly, whenever it might just happen – we hold events in Melbourne, Sydney, and coming soon to other spots around Australia / NZ. It’s a chance for all of us young creatives to get together and start some sort of revolution. We’ll drink cheaply, trade stories and make grand plans. Perfect. It’s free, you don’t need to RSVP, and you can bring a zillion friends. If you’re alone and don’t have any other young creative friends to bring along, DO NOT SWEAT. Email us (wtf null@null lifeatthebottom and have a chat. Then on the night you’ll have someone to talk to, and we’ll introduce you to everyone we know. Some people call it networking, we call it ‘not that’. Because networking is lame. And we in no way endorse it.

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