Junior Event // 32

April! We had our first blogger extraordinaire, Lucy Feagins from well known The Design Files. She gets a gazillion hits a month for being the go-to-girl on all matters of design, interiors, and anything new and fun in the creative world - and it definitely didn't happen overnight. With a wow-ing 96% readership being female, it was nice to spot some boys in the audience. Click here to download her tips! ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 27

When speakers take our simple brief of ten tips in ten minutes and change it to however they see fit, it's so much better than sticking to the rules. Rules = Lame, buster. Paul Marcus Fuog, from Coöp, gave us one simple tip at our Melbourne event last week: 'Learn from others'. We then had special appearances from all kinds of designers, including Sagmeister, telling us a stellar little tip or two each. It was like ten speakers in one! Bonus! If only we gave out pencils (which would have ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 37 / agIdeas Special

While Junior was in New York, we found Hamish Smyth tucked into the folds of Pentagram NY. Hamish had one of those experiences where so many rad things happened to him, we just don't know how he did it all. First, he won a work placement at Pentagram. Second, he won a two week trial at Fabrica, Italy. Third, he won a full internship at Pentagram. Then! Just to top it off he's recently been offered a full year back at Fabrica. New York or Italy, or both? AgIdeas NewStar -- enter now! Only five ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 33

What do you get when you mix up two cool kids, no money, and a shit load of imagination? Tin & Ed told us all sorts of crazy things about starting out as designers. Not only were they young-en's that started their own kick-ass studio straight out of Uni, they're now represented by the one and only Jacky Winter Group and are wrapping Australian design into a tornado of coloured paper and loopy costumes. Look at those outfits! They're super cool bananas! Jr: First of all, tell us how you ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 30

Scott Thomas, also known as Simple Scott, was the Design Director who helped to get Barack Obama elected as American president in 2008. Scott is not your typical designer, that much is true, although the typical designer should certainly be more like Scott. He's an incredibly articulate and clear thinker heavily influenced by architecture, modernism and the human experience. All of which make his work completely utilitarian in the best way possible; people seem to interact with the websites ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 14

Another brilliant Junior event is done, full of incredibly social and interested young awesomes. Andrew Ashton of Studio Pip & Co was an even awesome-er older awesome -- he ignored our brief, and told us stories of what inspired him to work. We also got our act together and filmed the thing, so if you missed it you can see it on a screen near you once we've edited it up all nice. In the meantime, look at all these kids attentively listening! It's like a classroom full of learning. ... Read More! »