JuniorTV // 07

We're a little slow at getting our JuniorTV episodes up straight after the event. But at this event back in July, we were given some pretty rad tips on how to be a top gun junior playing the ad game from Jason Ross -- who at the time was ECD at CHE in Melbourne. Mind you, these tips really apply to anyone, anywhere, regardless of what profession you're going into. Yes, accountants, you too can foray into the video below and be sure to get some wisened advice to help flex your working muscles. ... Read More! »

JuniorTV // 06

Jo Walker, editor of Frankie Magazine spoke at our event a little while ago. For those of you reading in Albania or America or Brazil or Belize or Chad or Fiji or Honduras or India or Kosovo or Lithuania or Mexico or Oman or Taiwan or San Marino -- well, basically any other country that isn't Australia or NZ -- Frankie is the shiz. Having Jo join us at Junior was super extra cool, and she certainly crammed a lot of handy tips into her 10 minutes. Once again, a big thanks to our boy Jonathon ... Read More! »

JuniorTV // 05

Our inaugural Sydney event featured two of the most awarded creatives in Oz - Matty Burton and Cam Blackley from Droga5. Before you get too excited, there's just one catch. We didn't have a spare ticket to Sydney for our usual cinematographers. Darn. Instead, we made do attempting to piece it together with friends of friends and boyfriends of friends, and what you see is what you get. Infact, Matty and Cam were so good - we didn't edit this at all (which worked pretty well for us ... Read More! »

JuniorTV // 04

Here at Junior we love the Internet as much as the next gaggle of square-eyed RSS-fiends, but compared to real-life, it sucks giant pear-shaped balls. You may be able to fly from tab to tab making click-leaps from Copenhagen to New York and back home again, but can you high-five new acquaintances over a beer in an authentic and hip warehouse space? No! You can't! Oh and don't you devil's advocate me Mr. Naysaying-Web-2.0-changing-the-face-of-communication-magee. I know your type and you're ... Read More! »

JuniorTV // 03

If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, somewhere else, or are just another lazy Melbourne shimshom, you definitely missed out on a great March Junior event. The throngs of good-looking Junior patrons were treated to a particularly interesting speaker in Barrie Barton--one of the talented few behind Right Angle Studio, The Thousands City Guides, and Rooftop Cinema. Lucky for you shimshoms, we recorded it onto a viewable video platform exportable to vimeo, which sits below in five minutes of ... Read More! »

JuniorTV // 02

Remember our first foray into web videos? It was unedited, dark, and for twenty five minutes you had to turn your volume up full blast just to hear a goddamn thing. But we're trying really hard to get into this video shiz-nit, just incase you feel like watching Junior from your bathroom. Of course, we're far too lazy to do it ourselves -- so Jonathon Lim did his thing for us. Check it out ... Read More! »