Junior Event // Art & Copy

It feels great when people show up to the things you put on. We didn't really ask anyone to come to our inaugural Junior Film Festival last Monday night; we never pleaded or begged or employed henchmen to break knees. Normal, everyday folk, much like you, just started buying tickets until it was sold-out -- which probably had more to do with the fact we were screening the seminal documentary, Art & Copy, than anything remotely associated to us personally. You know, cause just like any ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 15 (Part Two)

Yesterday we posted Part One of our drinking escapades with Glendyn. If you haven't read it yet, do so here. Umm, so, yeah... You wanna know something funny? You do? Cool. Cause we've already written an intro to the first part and now we've said all we can say. We sat down with Glendyn for two hours, gathered one hour and forty five minutes worth of audio, and had it transcribed into a 10,000 word interview nightmare! How do you edit something like that? Crazy, huh? One day we'll show you all ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 15 (Part One)

Glendyn Ivin is a Cannes winning, AFI toting, bearded film-maker with an ability to make cool shit. He's been directing TV commercials for years now - some of which have made him very popular in the industry - but that's not even the cool bit! He's just released his first feature film titled Last Ride, featuring none other than Elrond himself, Hugo Weaving. Can you believe it? What a scoop! We're totally journalists now. Who would have thought? Ha, OK, so this is how good we are at ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 11

What does one say about writer and artist Todd Lamb? This guy is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a girl's hoodie. He's one of those guys who has 'a finger' in a lot of 'pies', but above all else is a genuinely funny guy. And when we say genuinely funny guy we actually mean fucking hilarious man of steel with balls the size of Obama's brain. Before settling in New York City, Todd spent his years at three highly awarded US ad agencies, has written for several publications, had books ... Read More! »

Junior Event // 02

Want to know how to have a good night out slap-bang in the middle of the week? The kids who came along to our second Junior event at Sweatshop in Melbourne will be able to tell you. Matt Kamen from The Guild of Commercial Filmmakers served up some handy tips for young creative production-virgins. Be sure to pop down February 11 for our first event of 2009. It's sure to be a big one. ... Read More! »

The Interview Series // 05

Cut and paste. It used to mean scissors and clag, now it means ctrl+x and ctrl+v. Be that good or bad, it's still an art form. And for some, it's also a career. Jack Hutchings is one of Australia's top cut and pasters. He's a film editor with an eye for storytelling and now runs his own editing studio, The Butchery. Now we love having a yarn now an then, but Junior has really upped the stakes. Jack invited us over to his studio for gourmet North Melbourne pizza and a row of beers. Yes, ... Read More! »