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Hey Esther,

I got a gig as a junior Creative after interning with a guy I met at award. I’ve since found that we’re incompatible. I think it’d be best if we split, but I like the guy, and don’t won’t to do anything that could ruin his career in the process of looking out for my own.

Do you have any advice on the best way to split without leaving a partner in the shit?


Considerate creative.

Dear Considerate Creative,

I have a theory on teams. They can have all sorts of differences but they need to want to travel together in the same direction, and at the same speed.

If your Creative Director hasn’t observed any incompatibility nor suggested re-teaming you both within the department, then you might have to put your feelers out to look for another job. If you love your job and want to stay at the agency with a different partner, then you are in more of a bind.

I think that the first step is to talk to your partner about what your ambitions are and during the course of the discussion, you may conclude mutually that you each want different things. Then you can both decide whether to approach the CD together, or look for new jobs separately. Or both.

Another option would be to talk to the Traffic or Creative Services person. This would need to be done delicately and depends on a few factors including the size of department (whether is there room for a shuffle) and your relationships both as a team and as individuals within the agency. Tread carefully if you think this could backfire on either of you.

When in doubt, put yourself in your partner’s position and think about how you would like to be treated if the feelings or circumstances were reversed.

So try to have a conversation with your partner about it first. If that doesn’t work you could try to talk to a trusted colleague (like Traffic) who has a clear overview of the situation.

If neither of these is possible or you try and it doesn’t resolve itself then it’s probably time to look for another opportunity as a solo creative.

Good luck.

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