The Monday Morning WHIP // 226

I’ve just been putting the finishing touches to a scope of work document for a client I work with.

We have what I think is a pretty healthy budget for a years worth of social media activity, but where it gets a bit icky is determining cost of photography.

Client is used to using stock. I prefer to commission a photographer.

Problem is photography doesn’t come cheap.

Then again nor do I.

So in order to bring my project in on budget I’ve had to use some creativity.

What I’ve done is not relevant to a Junior Whip, but how I did it is.

I used my network to seek recommendations.

I used the national prominence of the brand to negotiate better pricing.

And I showcased the blogs and online folios of a handful of young people to the client to show them what was achievable for what they would normally pay for stock shots.

The end result will be (I hope) a win-win for me, the client and half a dozen young creative people. All because I used my creativity.

So what will you use yours for this week?

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Originally posted on: 05/08/2013
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