Junior Event // 36


See this guy? Up there? That’s Nick Shelton, founder and head-honcho of Broadsheet Media (http://broadsheet NULL.com NULL.au) – that nifty webby that tells you where to eat breakfast when you’re really hungover on a Saturday morning. He gave his 10 tips in 10 minutes at our first event for 2013 in Melbourne. And no, before you ask – there were no breakfast tips. But there were tips for grabbing yourself by the balls and plunging into your dream (whatever that may be), with not much more than sheer determination and an I-know-what-I’m-fucking-doing GEN-Y attitude. If you were an unfortunate silly soul who didn’t make it, you can gloss over these pretty pixels shot by our man in the crowd Bernie (http://www NULL.bernardwinter NULL.com/).

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 15/05/2013