The Monday Morning WHIP // 209


Let’s talk about Grumpy, but let’s not be grumpy on a Monday Morning. That’s just bad news.

The annual tech heavy industry love fest that is South By South West is over again for another year.

One of these days I’ll actually get off my arse and go.

Actually I wish I’d gone this year, if only to get my photo taken with the festival’s most talked about attraction – Grumpy Cat.

Yes Grumpy Cat.

You’ve probably seen more than your fair share of cat memes on the internet, but Grumpy Cat has taken it to a whole new level.

Maybe you should have a think about that next time you’re working on a brief or thinking about ideas for your folio.


Someone posts a picture of a cat. Someone applies some wacky words to that picture. An internet meme is born.

A meme so good the cat gets invited to South By South West. A cat so grumpy it makes 600 people queue in the rain to get their photo taken with it.

When was the last time that happened to a character in a bloody press ad?

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Originally posted on: 18/03/2013
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