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Dear Esther,

I have been a Junior Art Director for a year and a half now working on print media, however, I’m wanting to move into the world of digital design. Do potential clients look at your CV for a Diploma in Digital Media or is a portfolio with digital work sufficient? I am presently taking private lessons in order to develop these digital skills.

Thanks in advance,
Future Digital Designer

Dear Future Digital Designer,

It’s very smart of you to add digital skills to your offering. There aren’t many jobs around these days without some mention of digital in the brief. Doing as much as you can inside or outside your job spec is important and helps you to stay relevant.

You can use your newly acquired skills to come up with a customised website that not only shows off your art direction, but your understanding of digital branding. It amazes me how many websites I look at from digital “experts” that lack intuitive UX let alone much thought to the design aesthetic.

I love it when a website is more than just a “washing line” of generic squares requiring constant clicking back and forth.

If you were able to demonstrate some knowledge in your bio, as well as adding a couple of conceptual showpieces of the work within your website, it should be enough to at least show determination and initiative. That coupled with a pretty good folio of your print work would definitely open up more potential jobs for which you could confidently apply.

Good luck

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