Ask Esther // 09

I’ve got professional experience in media, comms and marketing but my true passion is beauty, fitness and fashion and I would LOVE to be writing on these things for a living. Sure, it’s common and sure, it’s competitive but have you got any tips or contacts? I’m also really keen to pick up some copywriting jobs. Do you know of any agents I should be in contact with?

People gravitate to fashion and lifestyle usually because they are interested it. Find a spot where your previous experience intersects with an opportunity to continue to pursue your passions.That might be magazine sales, account management in design or on a large retail account, or freelance journalism or blogging on the side.

With pure fashion writing, you should be aware that very few people earn good money. As I said above, find out where your background can be used to segue into a category that more closely aligns your passions.

As far as finding an agent, you should be able to find the right consultant by studying the job market in the areas you are interested in.

Good luck.

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Originally posted on: 14/06/2012
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