The Monday Morning WHIP // 139

Nothing like a bit of inspiration from Paul Arden to start the week.

The late Paul Arden once said that energy had a lot to do with being successful.

I have to say I agree with him. Hard work always pays off.

Of course there will always be a handful of people who are possessed by genius. People who don’t need to try. But most of us are not.

We are talented. We are creative. We are big thinkers. But geniuses we are not.

What Paul Arden also said was that energy was around 75% of the job.

And that if you weren’t prepared to put that much effort into your work then you should at least learn to be nice.

So put aside your ego. Think about someone other than yourself. And focus as much of your energy as you possibly can on doing a great job.

Unless of course you do happen to be possessed by genius.

In which case we might get you to come and speak at the next Junior Drinks night.

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Originally posted on: 01/08/2011
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