The Monday Morning WHIP // 82

This week’s Monday Morning WHIP was submitted by Glenn Peters (http://nightwatchman NULL.blogspot, a Melbourne-based freelance writer. If there’s one thing a freelance writer knows about – it’s time management. So take note.

Agency slow-time. Hours, days, weeks get entered into timesheets as “Admin Time”.
So what do you do?
Get yourself known as the agency’s best ping pong player? Stare at The Age (http://theage online?

Why not make yourself indispensible?
Talk to people. Nobody will hate you for looking eager.

Re-read an old brief. See if there was anything you missed that might spark off something for the next one.

That killed-off idea from last month? Fix it. Make it better. Mock it up.

Read industry blogs then move on.
What’s happening in art? Ever read that Fin Review in the kitchen? Nobody has. That’s what your clients are reading.

Make a topical ad.
Make anything (lots of award winning work was made during Admin time) but just stay away from the table tennis table.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 19/07/2010
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