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Here at Junior we love the Internet as much as the next gaggle of square-eyed RSS-fiends, but compared to real-life, it sucks giant pear-shaped balls. You may be able to fly from tab to tab making click-leaps from Copenhagen to New York and back home again, but can you high-five new acquaintances over a beer in an authentic and hip warehouse space?

No! You can’t! Oh and don’t you devil’s advocate me Mr. Naysaying-Web-2.0-changing-the-face-of-communication-magee. I know your type and you’re wrong.

And that, our favourite bunch of blog-reading creatives, was an incredibly badly written and verbose introduction with the sole intent to convince you to come along to our Junior events, because the Internet never beats real-life.

At last April’s 10 tips in 10 minutes event, kids were sitting on the bar, some were hanging from the ceiling, most were sitting comfortably on chairs, but some weren’t, so yeah. What we mean to say is, ‘it was packed!’

Everyone was there to see Ghostpatrol (http://ghostpatrol NULL.net/)–illustrator, chilled bro, artist–speak about his life and times. Our favourite new JuniorTV cinematographer Louis Mitchell captured it all on film. Enjoy.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 07/05/2010
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