The Monday Morning WHIP // 70

If there’s one thing you should have learnt by now after seventy lashings from Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot, it’s that your folio is never finished. Time and putting in the hard yards, can equal a bit of folio brilliance.

It’s very rare to see a junior creative folio where every idea is brilliant. More often than not, there are generally one or two ideas in a folio that really aren’t folio worthy.

Thing is, many of these ideas could easily have become folio worthy if the person who created them had spent just a little more time on them.

And when I say a little more time, I don’t mean polishing them up on a Mac. I mean thinking a little harder.

You see it is very easy to stop work and pat yourself on the back when you have an idea.


Once you have an idea, keep going. The more work you put into an idea the better it will get.

Unless it’s not that good an idea.

In which case you should still keep going, only rather than working on your idea you should be working on another idea.

Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 19/04/2010
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