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You may say you’re not afraid to fail, but are you really? It’s a question that deserves some deep thinking. Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot‘s got the perfect thought starter in a man who embraced it more than most…

One of my heroes died last week. Malcolm McLaren (http://en NULL.wikipedia

As a young person looking to live a life of creativity you can learn a lot from Malcolm.

He was an innovator. An instigator. A trouble maker. And a man of intense passion and belief.

These are traits shared by many (if not all) truly great creative people.

In a revealing interview with Andrew Denton, McLaren spoke about how it was better to strive and fail than to not have tried at all.

He learnt at art school that failure was something to be embraced not avoided. Interestingly “embrace failure” is the motto of Weiden & Kennedy (http://www NULL.wk

And Weiden & Kennedy’s greatest contribution to our culture is, of course, ‘just do it’. Surely just another way of saying dare to fail.

Click here (http://www to watch Andrew Denton’s interview with Malcolm McLaren.

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