Junior Event // 13


How great is Thousand Pound Bend (http://thousandpoundbend NULL.com NULL.au/)!? It’s such a versatile venue. It feels like our home with all those couches and bedraggled furniture scattered about. Within this house of comfort and mirth we hosted our December event, presided over by none other than our old friend Stuart Geddes, one of Melbourne’s most visually articulate and clever designers from Chase & Galley (http://www NULL.chaseandgalley NULL.com/). Luckily for those who weren’t there, he’s sent us a copy of his ten tips in ten minutes, which you can download here. If it doesn’t make any sense and you’ve got questions — email us. We’ll tell you what he said to accompany the pictures. It’s only fair.

See you in February everyone!

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Written by Junior
Originally posted on: 17/12/2009
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