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Are you passionate enough about what you do? It’s a legitimate question y’all. It’s easy to sit in your room all day and design/write/photograph/animate/create whatever you want, but can you do it from nine to five, five days a week, for an entire year? Would you feel less passionate after doing it as a job? Or more? Consider what Stan (http://branddna NULL.blogspot has to say and give it a good think. You’ll find living life and spending the majority of it working so much easier afterward.

One of the hardest things to come to terms with as a creative is understanding that what we do is a job.
Sure we might get to have fun at work. And wear t-shirts and jeans and turn up to the office a little later than office workers do, but none the less it is still a job.
This same maxim applies to sports people too.
Your average footballer may appear to live something of a charmed life, but playing football is their job. It is what they get payed to do. And if they don’t perform they will lose that job.
So how do you ensure you get past the day to day grind of the workplace? How do you accept the problems and struggles of work and push on to great heights?
One word – Passion.
I’ve used that word many times in my Monday morning ramble and for good reason. Without it you’re wasting your time.
So as you wipe the sleep from your eyes this Monday morning I’d like to leave you with this quote from Collingwood footballer Harry O’Brien:
“If you are not passionate about something, you are not going to be successful. I am passionate every time I pull on the team jumper.”

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Originally posted on: 24/08/2009
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